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2022-01-12 17:32:49

Fantom Maker Announces the Closing of Its $1.8m Private Rounds Led by Dao Maker and Halvings Capital

Gros-Islet, St. Lucia, 12th January, 2022, Chainwire

Fantom Maker, the pioneer launchpad on the Fantom Opera blockchain, has successfully closed $1.8 million in a seed round led by Dao Maker, a leading incubator for startups,  and Halvings Capital.

Other notable investors in Fantom Maker are Maven Capital, Octopus Capital, ZBS Capital, and Icetea Labs.

And various individuals with strong successful backgrounds in the world of crypto and traditional finance such as Hatu Sheikh, Anurag Rao, Ravi Chiruvolu, Sergey Kosenko, and more.

About Fantom Maker

Fantom Maker provides an efficient and easy way to invest in the most promising and innovative projects in the Fantom ecosystem, removing barriers that previously made such opportunities off-limits except to a limited number of people and companies.

Fantom Maker is the first launchpad and incubator focused solely on the Fantom Opera blockchain, with the goal to enrich the entire Fantom ecosystem through the incubation and launch of quality projects.

Combining transparency and a community-oriented launchpad, Fantom Maker aims to make their projects accessible to everyone. Indeed, the FM team will personally invest in all the projects they launch, to ensure the goals of the community, and their own, are perfectly aligned. Because it is often very costly to meet the investment requirements of most launchpads, access to newly launched projects is limited to big investors. This high barrier to entry excludes many members of the growing crypto community. They solve this problem by making sure that each of the holders will get a part of the allocation of the projects raised on the launchpad. There will be a small percentage of the allocation reserved for non-holders as well. To check all Fantom Maker features check the Research Page on Dao Maker:

Maurizio Esposito, CEO of Fantom Maker, said:

"We want to create a HUB where investors and project teams can meet each other. We strongly believe that this process can set the groundwork for organic and sustainable growth. We also want to give the opportunity to get in early to people who don't hold a large amount of tokens, our motto is: community first!"

Fantom Maker recently announced its SHO Round to be hosted on Dao Maker. 

More details can be found at: 


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