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NewsBTC 2021-12-06 16:33:42

The Blockchain Company Allowing Fans To Connect with their Favorite Artists

Social media platforms have allowed thousands of artists, creators and celebrities to rise to fame and become household names within every niche imaginable. The business of sharing the intimate details of one’s life has become a lucrative industry like any other – but it is flawed. The current social media model completely favors the large social media giants. It is designed to compensate the giants with profits and the artists & creators with awareness (followers). If artists & creators would like to monetize their followers and actually make money, they have very limited options. The typical result is paid ad posts that are often inorganic, off-brand and salesy, which damages fan relationships and hurts artist post engagement. Artists & creators treat content creation as a full-time job and deserve to get paid for that effort without damaging the relationships they spent so much time and effort building. The Solution Is it possible for an artist to get paid for giving their fans more of what they want (content focused on THEM – not ads), without asking those fans for money? This is the question the team behind Promify asked themselves, and they believe they have found the solution. Promify is a new platform that allows artists & creators to issue their own custom “Community Coin”. This coin is available to anyone for purchase and comes with some exciting benefits. The artist is able to provi...

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