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NewsBTC 2021-12-07 17:00:22

Number Of Bitcoin Lightning Network Nodes Jumps 23% In Three Months

Despite the recent downtrend, bitcoin has been experiencing increased adoption on a larger scale. From El Salvador buying the dip to lightning network adoption going up, the digital asset has not been doing too bad. The most recent indication of increased bitcoin adoption has come in the form of bitcoin lightning network nodes. Data shows that these lightning nodes have recorded a significant uptick in the last three months. Bitcoin Lightning Nodes Increase Since its launch, the bitcoin lightning network has seen slow but steady adoption. Mostly, the need for a lightning network had not become pertinent until the bull run of 2018 that saw transaction fees spike significantly. It soon became important for there to be a way to lower transaction fees on the bitcoin blockchain even during peak transaction times and as such, the lightning network was adopted. Related Reading | Calls For Tesla To Resume Bitcoin Payments As Mining Reaches 57% Renewable Energy The number of lightning nodes has grown since then, recording small upticks at various times in its history. However, none as significant as the increase recorded across the last three months. From September 3rd to December 3rd, nodes added to the network had continued to climb. In this time period, there were a total of 3,534 nodes added to the network. This three-month period saw the total lightning network nodes break above 18,000, representing a 23% increase in this tim...

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