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NewsBTC 2022-01-14 08:16:17

Blockchain Backed Webtoon Platform TooNFT Launches On Toomics Ecosystem

TooNFT plans to develop a decentralized webtoon platform. The project has raised a staggering $1.75 million in a private round supervised by HG Ventures. The TooNFT project succeeds in attracting institutional investors such as Mindfulness Capital, Adaptive Labs, Prestige Fund, Alphabet, and GBIC. With the backing of such investors, TooNFT is set to become an incredible product. According to the press release, TooNFT will leverage the ecosystem of an immense profit-generating business model of Toomics, a South Korean Webtoon firm. The affiliate of the TooNFT, Toomics has become South Korea’s leading subscription platform with 50 million active users and 10 million app downloads. TooNFT caters to an incredible NFT ecosystem and values bringing disruption that separates it from other webtoon service providers. What is Toomics? With 10 million app downloads and 50 million active users, Toomics has become the leading webtoon comics firm in South Korea. Toomics was founded back in 2015 accumulating $15 million from institutional investors to create the leading webtoon comics company in South Korea. Over the past few years, Toomics has partnered with Tencent, KEB Hana Bank, GMarket, and AfreecaTV. It has also received multiple awards from reputable institutions. Furthermore, Toomics generates approximately $60 million yearly through its subscription service. TooNFT Introduces NFT Concept in Comics and Webtoon Industry TooNFT has bee...

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