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NewsBTC 2022-01-14 18:15:38

Revolutionizing the NFTs on the Solana Blockchain – Ernest in Disguise

One of the most anticipated NFT projects has finally reached its scheduled launch date. With 6,000 disguises inspired by favorite Halloween costumes, movies, and characters, Ernest In Disguise released the annual Halloween collection on the 28th of November. Bear in mind, these disguises are all one-of-a-kind, with the rarest being based on some of the most well-known Halloween figures like Chucky, Jason, Venom, and others. So what’s Ernest all about? It’s all about an extraterrestrial from the Cryzal Galaxy who discovered love and connection during his explorations on Earth and vowed to return to share these feelings with the rest of humankind during festive times. In the wake of the team’s Marvel artist Carlos Dattoli’s success selling out two NFT projects, Ernest’s popularity has drastically risen. With over 15,000 followers on Instagram and discord, people are already clamoring for Carlos to take action on his outstanding and mind-blowing artworks in the hot NFT area. In response to popular demand and the generosity of the Ernest team, the notorious ghost face NFT will also be included in the giveaway, along with an additional $12,000 in cash. For more information, visit the Ernest team’s Instagram page. In order to do this, the project will develop a brand that will link people all over the world via the use of non-fungible tokens. Since its inception, NFTs have been used to represent m...

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