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Cryptoknowmics 2022-01-26 15:00:30

5 Reasons Twitter NFT Profile Pictures Matter

If you were disappointed that you couldn’t get enough praise for your pricey NFT (non-fungible token), then your prayers have been answered. You can now display your NFTs as profile photographs on the Twitter social network, which are viewable and verifiable across the internet. After testing, Twitter announced this last week. NFTs are in the limelight, with companies like Twitter attempting to capitalize on the expanding popularity of this type of digital art. These collectible works of art are expensive and popular. You’re not looking for a unique and precious JPG or GIF file, but you’re purchasing the right to brag about being the legal owner of that digital art. As a result, those expensive NFTs are employed as a standing image, potentially increasing the toxicity of social networks. That isn’t to suggest that NFT technology isn’t important or that it shouldn’t be part of the internet’s long-term future. NFTs would be useful in future metaverses where people could want to buy and trade-specific digital items while also proving their ownership and legitimacy. How to Get Started? You can mint (produce) NFTs or buy them online and clearly label them as Twitter profiles. You’ll need to authenticate that you have an iPhone or iPad, as only iOS supports Twitter NFTs. However, it’s unclear whether this is due to security concerns or whether Twitter just chose to focus on iPhone users first. You’ll also need to be a Twitter Blue s...

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